Utility poles cause power outages in Kaplan

Three utility poles fell over on Cheaneau Road near Kaplan, causing four power outages around the area.

Acadiana luckily did not get a winter storm that the Deep South and eastern seaboard has been dealing with, but after a cold front passed, Acadiana dealt with wind. Kaplan had three power poles fall because of the wind and which caused for some electric issues early Thursday morning. The downed power lines caused Kaplan public schools to close because of this issue.

Mayor of Kaplan, Kirk Champagne, says, “We received notification that the power went out at about 4:15am this morning.  We were able to get in touch with Slemco and Entergy.  At that time they couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong with it besides that they had power outages.  They were able to reroute utility service in a timely fashion.  At about 5:30am this morning we spoke to Superintendent Puyau of Vermilion Parish schools.  I could not give him a timeline as to when we would have power back on so that was instrumental in helping in making a decision on closing the schools.  In town and in the city are system was fine but it looks like three Entergy poles and they are hard at it they are getting at it.

Crews on scene expect to have all poles back up by the end of the day on Thursday.

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