Violent fighting social media trend reaches Acadiana

Students instigating fights to post them on social media for likes is a social trend, a trend that has now reached one local high school.

Tammy Vidrine is the mother of a freshman at Carencro High School who was jumped by three of his classmates during school hours. Vidrine received a call from the school, informing her that her son had been in a fight. She rushed to school, and when she saw her son’s swollen face she immediately took him to get medical attention.

“We’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting and my son says that’s probably why they did it …because it’s already up on Instagram.” said Tammy Vidrine.

Vidrine says her son was in class with his attackers when he saw one of them showing off a video of a previous attack on younger student that left the boy unconscious in a ditch. Vidrine’s son commented downplaying the video.

Vidrine’s son has several swollen knots around his head. He has a cut on his chin and bruising around his face. Violent fights and brutal jumping all being recorded for attention on sites like Worldstar and Instagram is national attention. Last week a woman in Atlanta was brutally beaten in and out of consciousness for two hours for sitting on a friends hamburger.  The video, posted by the woman who beat her, went viral on Facebook and Worldstar. One Carencro school resource officer says its a fad that will not be tolerated.

“First of all you record it, and then you take it upon yourself to transmit it to other people or upload it to social media. That’s a crime, its cyber bullying.” said Officer Adrian Willis.

Officer Adrian Willis encourages students who witness a fight to report it, even if they see it through social media.

“I advise anyone to stand up and speak out. If it happened to them, it can happen to you. You would want someone to speak out if it happened to you.” said Officer Willis.

Vidrine and Officer Willis encourage parents to talk with their kids about bullying and the consequences of cyber bullying.

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