New website provides info on local construction developments

It started with a little curiosity. Now Lafayette resident Ben Powers is running Developing Lafayette, a website that has 40,000 views a month and over 20,000 followers on Facebook.

Ben Powers was eating dinner with his wife at Olive Garden, and noticed construction outside of the window where Cheddar’s is now located. Powers and his wife wondered what was being built.

He decided to create a Facebook page to let people know about the construction of new business in the Acadiana area.

“It took off, people started sharing it, and I was like ok I guess I have something now. That’s kind of where the concept came from, not knowing about a place and wanting to know .” said Powers

Powers gets information about upcoming construction from the Lafayette Consolidated Government, then he drives to the construction locations and takes pictures for his social media pages.

He also relies heavily on his followers and local businesses.

“I’ll poll my Facebook page if they know anything. Or if the businesses come to me and say, hey we’re building this.Chances are they have pictures of it and so I’ll connect it with that and i’ll post it .” said Powers

Powers does his best to keep up with his web page, twitter and Facebook page.

With working full time and expecting his first child in September,  says it can be difficult.

“I  spend a few hours a day doing it. I do it on my lunch breaks I write stuff, on my lunch breaks at work. When I get off work I’m on my computer after we eat dinner. I balance it because its fun and it just started bringing in a little bit of money with the advertising .”” said Powers

Ben Powers says  hes just a guy in Lafayette who likes taking pictures, he never thought Developing Lafayette would be so beneficial to this growing city.

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