Opelousas PD getting special training from FBI in civil rights

The Opelousas Police Department is getting special training from the FBI in civil rights.

Donald Bostic, Supervisory Senior Resident Agent with the FBI, is conducting the training with the officers.

He said the program ensures that officers are knowledgeable with the public and use force that is only both reasonable and necessary.

Opelousas Sergeant Investigator , Crystal Leblanc, said attending these classes helps to make her better at her job.

“Sometimes whenever you get involved in something, physical recourse doesn’t have to happen. I mean if you can talk yourself out of a situation that’s even better. With the training that’ll help some of those situations,” said Leblanc.

Opelousas Police Chief, Donald Thompson, said this is just one of many training courses to come for his officers.

The classes will be conducted on March 10th and 12th  from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at the Opelousas Police Department.  The Chief has also invited other local law enforcement agencies to attend the classes.

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