Public Works Dept. busy with big concerns and million dollar renovations

A new roof for the Lafayette Government building on 1010 Lafayette Street, asbestos removal in the parish courthouse and design work are some of the projects keeping the Public Works Department busy.

The Lafayette Courthouse Complex project continues. Public Works Director Kevin Blanchard says they are currently in the process of bidding a contact for a new roof on the parish government building.

Blanchard says, “We’re making sure that project moves along in an expeditious manner. It’s probably going to be about a 100,000 dollar contract.”

In addition, they are currently seeking a design for a new roof on the city jail. But the biggest chunk of work surrounds the parish courthouse.

Joey Durel, City-Parish President says, “They are spending millions and millions of dollars renovating that courthouse.”

Asbestos is still a big concern, but the bulk of the hazardous material has been removed from walls on the 6th and 7th floor. There are columns on some of the floors where asbestos is still present, however they will be encapsulated completely with wood or sheetrock, according to the city-parish president.

Meanwhile, progress remains steady in other areas of the courthouse with Joey Durel saying, “We completely removed the jail and will move the judges chambers to the 7th floor.”

Hot water is a now a welcome addition to the courthouse bathrooms and soon modern day elevators will be added to the building’s third and fourth floors.

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