Town of Henderson preparing for heavy rainfall

The Corp sent out warning letters to residents along the Atchafalaya Basin to give them safety tips and reminders in case of a flood.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers is responsible for developing and maintaining the nation’s protection against intrusion by water, including levees and other barriers. In St. Martin Parish hard rain fall is expected all week long which is one of the reasons the Army Corps of Engineers sent out a warning letter to the residents of the town of Henderson. The letter reminds them that they are responsible for all of their property in the event of a flood. The town has already began preparing by cleaning out the drainage.

“How many “letters” I get I really don’t know, but they are advising us on what could potentially happen.” said Mayor Sherbin Collette.

Henderson is known as the “gateway to the Atchafalaya basin.” The town, which is at a very low elevation, floods almost every time that it rains. Mayor Sherbin Collette says the best thing the town can do when bad weather happens is to keep the residents informed.

“If you get a big heavy rain in three to four hours the most important thing right then is to let the public know what possibly could happen and then you get input from them what they think they may need .” said Mayor Collette.

Collette met with the St. Martin Parish President on Sunday to ask for help in preparing for the flood. Being a small town, he says, we often don’t have what we need to handle the floods on our own. Henderson is hosting the heartstrings and angel wings benefit this weekend, so workers started clearing covers and drains early Monday morning.

“Some of the municipalities they have the equipment to do it we don’t. So I’m very grateful they are out here trying to help is out for this coming weekend.” said Collette.

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