Lafayette “Leaders Against Litter”

Lafayette is one of 23 Keep Louisiana Beautiful affiliates across the state. The Lafayette Consolidated Government explains the goal of “Leaders Against Litter” is to shed light on litter as a problem and to encourage others to cleanup.  “Everybody driving by that sees us working will  hopefully say we really don’t need to litter our town. We need to do a better job,” says volunteer Harold Schoeffler.

Schoeffler, like the other cleanup volunteers, wants to see the Hub City be all it can be and litter free. “You think about it?  Any piece of litter you see here came from a human hand of one our citizens who probably decided he can trash the community.”

Schoeffler realizes litter bugs makeup a small group compared to the people who take part in the fight against litter. “If each of us walkout and pickup one piece of litter per day, then we would solve this problem.  People would see citizens picking up after them and they would probably quit doing it,” adds Schoeffler.

Lexi Baldridge is one of a number of Iberia Bank employees who rolled up her sleeves to help out. “We find it important to support the community. We are very passionate about our front yards being clean,” explains Baldridge.

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne is to announce the statewide results of the litter cleanup, including the number of pledges signed and bags collected.

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