Plans unfolding for terminal expansion at Lafayette Regional Airport

With a new director in place plans are finally beginning to unfold for the 90 million-dollar terminal expansion at Lafayette Regional Airport.

Steven Picou, Director of Lafayette Regional Airport, says “What we did on Wednesday night is we are going toward the process and design, decide which process we’re going to get to maximize our efficiencies with a design.””

Picou met with airport commissioners on Wednesday night and discussed the airport expansion. The expansion will be funded by state and federal grants, and a one percent sales tax in Lafayette Parish that will be collected from April 1 through November 30. Picou says they’re in the early stages of the project and first thing on the list is creating an RFQ, which is a request for qualification. After that the airport receives the qualified contractors then after they evaluate their qualifications. Picou says he plans to implement a local feel as much as possible when considering bids.

He says, “We want a local aspect to it, but it will be opened up. Usually with large projects like this, local builders will work in conjunction with national builders.”

Picou mentions that the terminal may be built using a CMAR or construction manager at risk method by having a contractor or a builder come in and give them a bid. After that, the contractor is responsible for maintaining that price. Picou has stated that he has built terminals in both Albuquerque, New Mexico and Amarillo, Texas.

He says, “We are building a new building and so we don’t have the idiosyncrasies of building on an existing building and operating that building. So, in some parts it’s going to be easier.”

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