Seth Fontenot murder trial to begin next week

The high profile Seth Fontenot murder trial is set to begin next week.

The latest in the case included files ordered unsealed last month by visiting judge, Harry Randow.

According to our media partners at the Daily Advertiser, the files included allegations of drug use and dealings along with text messages by Fontenot about getting into fights and buying a gun.

News 10 spoke to Defense Attorney, Kevin Stockstill, who is not a part of the case,

but he did tell us what he thinks we could expect to see the first week of trial.

“Probably the first day or half a day the motions that have been filed by either side that the court may have to deal with. Things that deal with evidence issues,” said Stockstill.

Two years after the crime, 20-year-old Seth Fontenot is heading to trial on March 16th.

Fontenot admitted to police he fired three shots outside his home in South Lafayette back on February 10th 2013.

He was indicted on one count of first degree murder in the shooting death 15-year-old Austin Rivault and two counts of attempted first degree murder of then 15-year-olds Cole Kelley and William Bellamy.

Stockstill said jury selection will take place the first few days of the trial.

“With any high profile case, one of the potential issues you’re going to address with potential jurors is what they’ve heard about the case, what they’ve seen in the media, whether or not they have formed an opinion,” said Stockstill.

Stockstill said if a juror has formed an opinion the defense and prosecution may have to conduct what’s called individual voir dire.

“The idea is to to take that particular juror, bring them outside these other jurors and ask further questions to develop what information they may have in an effort to determine will it potentially impact their decision-making on the case,” said Stockstill.

It will then be determined if the juror is appropriate to hear the case.

Stockstill said after the jury is selected and receives preliminary instructions, opening statements will be heard.

He felt the main question in this case is, did Fontenot go too far in allegedly protecting his property.

“Questions in a case like that is regardless of whether you are defending yourself or defending your property the amount of force that you use to do so must be reasonable under the circumstances,” said Stockstill.

Trial is set to begin Monday, March 16th at 10:00 a.m.


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