Former Food Network star killed in tragic murder has ties in Acadiana

A North Carolina sheriff’s office says a suspect has been arrested in the tragic murders of a young couple and their unborn child.

Robert Jason Owens went before a judge in Buncombe County this morning. He’s facing two felony murder charges. Owens is accused of murdering JT, Cristie Codd, and their unborn child. The couple was reported missing by family on Sunday. Investigators say that Owens lived right down the road from the couple and is accused of breaking into the Codd home and taking a laptop, jewelry, and a handgun. Investigators believe Owens then killed the couple and their unborn child. Neighbors in the area who watched him grow up say they are in shock and that’s the next step for investigators, determining the motive.

Christie Codd, a former Food Network Star, has ties in Acadiana. Friends have been posting their support and now their sympathies to her family since the couple went missing Sunday. Acadiana’s own award winning Chef Pat Mould shared his thoughts about her today saying, “She was an awesome person and friend….a really great chef….a beautiful woman with a great sense of humor who when she danced certainly danced like no one was watching.”

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