Lawn and Garden – Transplanting

Gary:  Today on your Lawn & Garden we’re talking about transplanting. Do you have some bushes that you’d like to move from one area to another? John says it’s easy to do, but there are a couple of steps you need to think about.

JOHN: You want to have everything prepared. You have your different fertilizers and all of that. Usually you don’t put a harsh fertilizer when you’re planting or planting a new plant. What you want to use first so that it doesn’t go into shock, is a root stimulator. Use this to get started getting the roots growing before the rest of the plant starts growing. It keeps the plat from going into shock. If you want to add a fertilizer at the same time you can use this Osmocote safely. It’s a slow release fertilizer so there’s no burning involved or anything like that. And it will last you 3 to 4 months.

If you have any problems later on like root diseases you can use Agri-Fos. Use it as a drench into the soil. For insects this drench works great, just put it in with a sprinkler can. And you only have to use it once a year for scale insects and all this. Back here we have some shi-shi camellias, which can get scale, white flies and all that. But this product gets’em.

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