Lawn and Garden – Vegetable Gardens

Gary:  Spring is just around the corner and John says it’s time to start planting that spring garden, but where do we start?

JOHN: I like to start now even though it is a little early. If I end up having to replace that’s what I do. To get it ready, I add my compost, I planted my tomatoes, my cucumbers which may or may not come up properly because it isn’t warm enough yet. You should wait for at least April.

These are the products you want to put in there, I have the Hydrated Lime to sweeten the soil, and also the 5-20-20 we always put in the garden. If you have problems down the line I have the insect drench which you put in with a sprinkler can and you only have to use it once a year and you are finished with it for the insects. If you get any fungicides, this copper is an organic fungicide that you can use on all your plants. It work great for all kinds of fungus that you get, inside and out.

GARY: We do all this before we plant?

JOHN: No, no. Wait for your plants to come up like this drench you put it in at the time you plant. Your fertilizer and your lime you do put in before and you don’t have to worry about burning anything with the 5-20-20 because it doesn’t have a lot of Nitrogen.

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