Lawn and Garden – Weed Killers

Chastant Brothers presents your Lawn and Garden

Gary:  One day you have a beautiful yard. You wake up the next day and there are weeds all over the place and they grow very fast. But John says we can take care of that problem.

JOHN: Yeah, now that it’s warming up things are growing. You want to start off with this pre-emergent weed killer. It can be used in flower beds as well as the lawn to prevent a lot of weeds that are going to come up. It’ll kill a lot of the seeds that are in your lawn. Once you have your weeds up I have this product right here called Image that can be used in some flower beds but also in the lawn for dollar weed, wild carrot, wild onion, stuff like that. Then I have this atrazine product that can be used in all lawns except Bermuda. It works very well. We also have Weed Zone. If you come to the store we’ll tell you how you can mix these chemicals together and it makes a good weed killer which gets a broad spectrum of weeds much more than using them separately.

Also we have the weed and feeds. Everybody gets messed up with those, so the best thing is to come into the store. Our staff will show you the right weed and feed for the right lawn. Some people say they used a weed killer and it killed their lawn, but it says on the box do not use on Bermuda or whatever. Come in and we’ll get you the right product.

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