Officials looking forward to idea of new high school in Youngsville

As the community continues to grow at such a rapid rate, city officials in Youngsville think the number of schools in their district should reflect that growth.

A recent study by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette shows one of the main reasons people move to Youngsville is for the schools. As of 2015 the city totals just over 11,000 residents, growing from 8,000 in 2010. With that in mind, Mayor Ken Ritter plans to work in partnership with the Lafayette parish school board to keep up the trend.

Ritter says, “Our concern today is that there will be adequate facilities for these kids to go to high school, a school is really something that we feel we’re going to need to address the needs of our citizens coming into the community.”

Youngsville has about 600 acres of school board property along Chemin Metarie Parkway that’s shovel-ready for the school system if they decide to build. Although Mayor Ritter doesn’t expect construction to begin anytime soon, he looks forward to getting the ball rolling and sharing ideas for the future of education.

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