This Morning from CBS News, March 17, 2015

Down to the wire

Israelis are going to the polls today to vote for a new government. For the first time in Israel, a classic American-style “get out the vote”campaign is underway, with influence from an American political consultant. CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen reports Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking a fourth term, and he vowed yesterday that a Palestinian state would not be created on his watch. That issue, however, may not be what decides the outcome.

Transgender in the military

Few in America face more discrimination and are more misunderstood than transgender people. Often, it is the misunderstanding that leads to the discrimination. Tonight, the “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley” will try to shed some much-needed light on their world by telling the story of Landon Wilson, who was kicked out of the U.S. military simply because he is transgender.

Calling it quits

With the news yesterday that San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Chris Borland announced his retirement for health concerns, CBS News spoke to former Seattle Seahawk Sidney Rice, who also made a surprise announcement several weeks ago: At the age of 27, he was walking away from the game after seven years in the NFL. Rice is now speaking openly about the health concerns that led him to retire.

House fight

The question of how you define a family is at the center of a dispute in Hartford, Connecticut. Nearly a dozen people, some of whom are not related, live together comfortably in a single-family home. But as CBS News correspondent Anna Werner reports, they could be forced to split up because of a zoning code.

Mexico’s image rehab

Mexico has been dealing with an image problem after reports of drug-related violence in the nation’s capital. Now, the country is reportedly trying to change its image by dictating how it’s portrayed in the upcoming James Bond movie. CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers reports that hacked Sony emails indicate the studio agreed to the changes in exchange for incentives worth up to $20 million.

Rate hike?

With the Federal Reserve Board set today to consider what could be its biggest monetary policy decision since the financial crisis — when to hike benchmark interest rates from their historic lows — savers and borrowers alike should ready for the impact. Here is why.

Rethinking sequestration?

When the House and Senate budget committees draft their respective 2016 budget proposals this week, many Republicans and Democrats will surely find one thing to agree on: Sequestration — the blunt, across-the-board package of budget cuts designed to help stabilize the national debt — was a lousy idea. But as the House Budget Committee meets today, will Congress eliminate those cuts?

Toxic art

When John Sabraw, an art professor at Ohio State University, visited the southeastern part of the state, something looked wrong. It wasn’t mud, but acid runoff from the region’s many coal mines. An environmentalist as well as an artist, Sabraw was fascinated by the streams’ colors and wanted to figure out a way to clean the streams and do something with the leftover toxic sludge. His solution fed both his passions.

Solar sailing

In a laboratory, time lapse video shows a tiny satellite opening a huge sail that could carry it deep into space. Launched on a conventional rocket, the satellite will eventually be propelled only by sunlight hitting a Mylar sail. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports the spacecraft was not developed by NASA, but by a non-profit group.

Top News


Iranians confront U.S. diplomats over GOP letter

Prince Harry to leave the Armed Forces after a decade

Richard III to be reburied


Senate panel hears from woman declared dead

Biden backs $41 million fund to reduce rape kit backlog


L.A. prosecutors charge billionaire Robert Durst with murder

2 men sentenced for plot to support terrorists

Texas halts scheduled execution of convicted killer

On-board disturbance forces flight back to Washington

Cops may have roughed up accused Ferguson shooter

Man drowns saving son in ocean off California


Time to hit the brakes on gas credit cards

Businesses are bracing for March Madness

9 states where women face the largest gender pay gap

Hertz says some vehicles have video cameras installed


A change of heart for cardiac screening

Alabama man reunited with nurse who helped him 40 years ago

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