Toxicology report still pending for LPSS school bus driver

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s office is still waiting for the results of a blood alcohol test from a Lafayette Parish school bus driver.

John Bernard, a 14-year veteran of the school district submitted two blood alcohol tests after he slid off of the road with twelve students on his bus. Bernard didn’t wait for the results before resigning on Monday. A decision some are calling a smart choice.

“He probably knows exactly what he is doing and therefore I think his resignation is probably going to save himself and the school system a lot of time and money.” said District 9 School Board member Jeremy Hidalgo.

The accident happened last Thursday morning on La Flamme Road near St. Nazaire Road when Bernard was on his way to Katharine Drexel Elementary in Broussard. The veteran bus driver submitted a blood test to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“What we are doing right now for this case is waiting for the test results for the BAC to come back. So at this point it’s just a waiting game.” said Captain John Babin with Lafayette Metro Narcotics.

The legal blood alcohol limit in Louisiana is .08 percent. While driving a commercial vehicle, that limit lowers to .04 percent. Captain Babin also says his resignation has no effect on the results of their investigation. If the results show he was over the legal limit, then his resignation will be taken into consideration for pending further charges. The results from the second blood test submitted to the school board are back from the lab according to Ramona Bernard, the LPSS Director for Risk Management. She says they have not been released due to confidentiality.

“Now that he has resigned we just process the resignation in the ordinary manner. As far as finishing the process he doesn’t have any more duties here and he won’t need to deal with us any further .” said Ramona Bernard

The Lafayette Sheriff’s Office couldn’t say exactly how long it would take to get the toxicology report back but they are hoping it will be soon.

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