Another man arrested for Woodmen of the World Hall shooting

An illegal dark tint on a vehicle lands an Abbeville man behind bars who has been wanted by police for attempted first degree murder for nearly a year.

Malcolm Green was initially stopped by police for riding in a vehicle with an illegal dark tint and after running his name they realized he was wanted by the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s office. Green is believed to be one of the gunman in a shooting in September 2014. State police arrested Green around ten pm on Friday morning and charged him with seven counts of attempted first degree murder. They also gave him a ticket for illegal tint and driving without a license. The shooting last September took place a private party at the Woodmen of the World Hall in Abbeville.

“The gun fight started like the wild west. Everybody was shooting at each other. If I remember they picked up about 45 casings of rounds that were shot.” said Sheriff Mike Couvillon.

Prior to Green’s arrest the sheriff’s office had already arrested Bryson Provost from Loreauville and also charged him with seven counts of first degree murder. Early on in the investigation, sheriff’s investigators believed multiple shooters were involved. Sheriff Mike Couvillon says the case has been difficult because witnesses recanted their statements and victims haven’t been cooperating.

“I have one statement to say to the families in Abbeville who are victims, people need to come forth and tell the truth .” said Sheriff Couvillon

Green is currently being held in the Vermilion Parish correctional facility, and Sheriff Couvillon is asking anyone with any information about that night to come forward.

“Everybody has to work together to get these criminals and shooters off of our streets.” said Sheriff Couvillon.

So far three arrests have been made in the case, which is still on going. Green’s bail is set at 70,000 dollars. If you have any information please call 337-898-4406.

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