Man found dead after hostage situation at Opelousas apartment

After a tense morning that led into the afternoon State Police and the Opelousas Police Department have confirmed that the man who barricaded himself inside a Chateau Wein apartment in Opelousas is now deceased.  The man has been identified as 30 year old John Kenneth Hedden. The Opelousas Police Department received a call around 3 AM Sunday morning from a women who claimed her boyfriend had held her hostage over night.

She said she managed to escape, and that’s when she called the police.

“Officers responded, and what they found outside the apartment was the male and female arguing. When the officers approached the male went back into the residence. The female was able to be removed from the area.” said Opelousas Police Information Officer Corey Leger.  The female was able to warn police about several guns inside the home.  According to police the couple, originally from Indiana, had only lived in the apartment for about five months.  Police say the couple didn’t seem to have a history of domestic violence.

After failing to make contact with the man, Louisiana state police decided to send a robot into the home. “As soon as the robot went in they were able to get a visual of the male subject deceased inside the apartment complex from what seems to be a self inflicted gun shot wound.” said State Police M/T Brooks David.  Shortly after, the swat team entered the apartment to confirm the male subject was deceased.
Opelousas Police Department officers recovered a shotgun, rifle and a hand gun from the apartment.  The female was taken from the scene, seemingly uninjured.

“I know earlier she was with state police and Opelousas police detectives, she was in good condition.” said M/T David.
The Opelousas Police Department has taken over the investigation. According to police, they are treating it as a homicide, which is standard protocol in a situation where a death occurs. However, police do believe the gun shot wound was self inflicted. @KLFYBrheanna Berry


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