Seth Fontenot: “I feel like a monster!”

Seth Fontenot took the stand as his murder trial entered its second week.

Fontenot testified on Monday about the first shot from his gun which was to the front driver side tire. The shot did not hit the tire, but it did hit the front driver side door striking the driver of the truck, Cole Kelley, in the foot.

The truck continued forward at about 30 to 35 mph, according to Fontenot’s testimony, when he then fired a second and third shot at the truck’s tailgate. It wasn’t until Fontenot was being questioned later on February 10th by Detective Larry Theriot with Lafayette Police Department that he had taken the life of 15-year-old Austin Rivault. When asked how he felt when he was told that he had killed someone, Fontenot replied, “devastated, shocked”. Tears began to fall as he barely said, “I feel like a monster!” Fontenot’s attorney and bailiff then brought him a tissue and a glass of water.

When court resumed after lunch on Monday, the defense continued to question Fontenot mostly about his interview with Detective Theriot. Assistant District Attorney J. Prather stated that Defense Attorney Thomas Guilbeau had Fontenot remember verbatim roughly 40 pages of the 64 page transcription of that interview which prompted multiple objections by the state for “improper form of questioning”. Judge Edward who is presiding over the case at the jury left the court room while he settled the situation between both counsels. Shortly after, the jury returned.

During cross-examination, Assistant District Attorney J. Prather tempted to point out several inaccuracies in Fontenot’s testimony. One, being the street was well lit at the point of the shooting. The second inaccuracy was where Fontenot testified the truck, driven by Kelley, was parked at the beginning of his street.

Judge Rubin put the court in recess until 9:30 Tuesday morning.

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