Chemin Metairie construction, a priority in Youngsville

The council recently approved a contract to do some patching as well as reconstruction on the Chemin Metairie which according to Mayor Ken Ritter is one of the busiest roads in the City of Youngsville.

“So tonight what we are simply doing is redefining the areas that are going to be reconstructed versus patched on the Chemin Metairie Parkways. So the contractor is ready to mobilize, we have a plan in place, we just want to get the council’s approval before we move forward.” said Mayor Ken Ritter.

Mayor Ritter says construction on the parkways is important because the heavy traffic number has exceeded what the city can handle. The council has now stepped in, making construction on the road a priority.

“Tonight we will continue in that path by redefining the areas that need to be reconstructed so we can make sure the road through this reconstruction project is going to be built to last.” said Mayor Ritter.

This isn’t the first time construction on the parkways has been an issue of discussion for the council. Talks of mending Chemin Metairie have been on-going since the beginning of the year.

“The previous council and administration did approve a contract for work to be done on that road, and then at the beginning of the year based on some new developments we decided to cancel the project that we had and we decided to pursue a route with our new engineers in place .” said Mayor Ritter.



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