Supporters protest at Lafayette Diocese

Trinity Catholic school supporters wasted no time, promptly holding a protest after discovering the historic campus will close at the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

After weeks of speculation, school leaders with the Lafayette Catholic Diocese decided on March 27th, to close the school. Protestors stood outside the diocese Monday afternoon, voicing concerns and solutions to Msgr. Richard Green.

Standing in for Bishop Michael Jarrell, Msgr. Greene listened intently for over two hours to Trinity supporters.

“Their children are a top priority. Their Catholic, so their faith is a top priority. When you combine those with a Catholic school education then it becomes extremely important to all these people. But, it came down to numbers,” said Greene.

Low enrollment and a $250,000 debt caused the closure, but protestors claim administration is the reason 150 children left the school. An open letter ( from parents to the diocese called out the administration for frivolous spending.

Supporter Jason Willis said all these problems can be fixed if they are given a little time.

“The diocese put out a statement that they were going to explore every avenue possible to keep the school open. We were not given a shot whatsoever to save the school. We didn’t find out that this school was in trouble until February and then March 25th, the school closed. We emailed the diocese over 450 times, but have received no answers,” Willis explained.

The group presented possible solutions, such as combining the school’s two campuses into one to save money. Trinity currently has possesses a $168,000 trust fund and will soon receive a settlement of $100,000 from BP.

“If we combine that, it takes care of the $250,000 debt,” said Willis.

Protestors told Msgr. Greene, all they need is one year to increase enrollment, decrease debt and secure a strong staff and administration. The diocesan spokesman said he will present all concerns and solutions to the Bishop.

“He (the bishop) wants to keep the school open, as every bishop would want,” said Greene.

In the meantime, the school remains closed and parents will be force to find alternatives for their children.

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