Amid oil field worker layoffs, construction still booming

Even in light of the recent oil field worker layoffs, one local home builder says the area is still booming.

Tim Guilbeau oversees day-to-day operations at Manuel Builders in Lafayette. The family owned company builds and renovates houses from Acadiana to Lake Charles.

“We have a 97 subdivision lot there Waterford Bridge. We sold all of our homes in there and now we currently have a couple more subdivisions in Youngsville that we are currently building in.” said Guilbeau.

Guilbeau says it’s hard on an area when workers are laid off from their jobs but says Acadiana’s diverse economy makes it possible to find work all over, which may be one reason why people are still looking to buy homes. “What we’ve seen is our sales are brisk. Our numbers are actually better than last year.”

Like many business owners, Guilbeau remains hopeful that the economy of Acadiana will continue to grow even with so many doubts surrounding the oil and gas industry. “We’re very optimistic about the future of this area and we are also looking to expand east and west right no. So our vision is a long term vision.”

Manuel Builders currently has 16 subdivisions with the hopes of expanding.

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