Mom and son killed in crash being remembered; School classmates release balloons

The deaths of a young mother and her seven-year-old son have touched the hearts of many. On Wednesday, family and friends made sure that Branson Taylor (7) and Kristen Trimm (23) of Arnaudville will not be forgotten.

Great Grandmother Lorraine Quebedeaux says, “His momma loved that little boy.”

Students at Grand Coteau Elementary are learning a tough lesson in life. On Wednesday, the students released 19 balloons in memory of Branson. Branson’s grandmother and family members say Branson was lovable, but also a tough boy who enjoyed caring for his little sister by being a wonderful big brother. The family says they are trying to cope and stated that tomorrow is never promised; simple moments can be gone in an instant.

Grand Coteau Elementary Principal Brandon Bobb explains that counselors were brought-in to help the children express their feelings through drawing. Bobb hopes the balloon release will provide much needed closure to an unfortunate situation. “Not only for the faculty but for the students and the family as well.  Let them know that he lived a full life for the 7 years he was on this earth and he won’t be forgotten.”

On Thursday, Funeral services will be held at 11:00 am at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cecilia. Meanwhile, public visiting hours will continue Thursday at 7:00 am until 10:45 am, at Pellerin Funeral Home in Cecilia.

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