Newly appointed Duson Police Chief hopeful in building a stronger department

The town of Duson will have a new Police Chief on May 1st. 30-year law enforcement veteran, Kip Judice was appointed last month.

Judice said he’s already evaluated the department and there are positive changes he plans to bring to the table. “My first priority was to go in and evaluate the police department in terms of its staffing and what needed to be done internally so that when we take office on May 1st, we can take office immediately.”

Judice said the department is understaffed and underpaid and only three officers are currently managing police duties. “One officer works seven days a week ,12 hours a day during the day and the other officer works 12 hours a night, seven days a week. They have not had a day off in months.”

Judice plans to ask council to approve the hiring of four more officers and says his main goal is to bridge the gap between police and members of the community. “I also want to be the chief that people can walk up to and talk honestly and feel comfortable with expressing their concerns and their problems. I think there’s been a lack of that kind of communication in that community.”

Judice said he’s looking forward to hopefully building a stronger department for the town.

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