UL Lafayette April Fool’s joke

On April 1st the University of Louisiana at Lafayette posted an important message to their website from President Savoie regarding the school’s future.  Students who clicked on the link were surprised by what they saw.

Abbie Deville, a senior at UL Lafayette says “First thing that popped into my mind was tuition is going up.  I was like, ‘great!’”

Hunter Guidry, a junior at UL Lafayette adds, “I thought the president had something serious to say like big plans for the university, maybe something about sports or a new building.”

Although students thought President Savoie had a message for the university, the video had nothing to do with tuition or big plans. The important message was a video of faculty members dancing and lip singing to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Deville says, “I was like ‘oh my goodness’. I just busted out laughing in the middle of the hall.”

The Office of Communications and Marketing teamed up with Student Engagement and Leadership.  Margarita Perez, the new Dean of Students made her debut as a backup dancer.  She says the video was a fun way to connect with students and promote the university. “This was a way to engage our community in a positive way.  Bring attention to our office so they could get to know us as people in the community.”

Tucker Sappington, Assistant Dean of Students says “I said let’s do it. This would be a great opportunity for us to show cut back a little bit and relax and have a little fun as well.” Sappington had fun impersonating Rick Astley with the trench coat and says, “I did listen to a lot of eighties music. I watched a lot of John Hughs movies to really get into the part.  Luckily, no one else auditioned so I kind of got the part. It was really big.”

Students, like Guidry, enjoyed seeing faculty members dancing to a popular eighties track. She says, “They’re always pretty serious doing their job so to see them cutting up like that is something different.”

UL Lafayette hopes this year’s “Rick Roll” video is the start of an April Fools tradition on campus.

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