Church services on Good Friday in Acadiana

Observances of the most solemn day of the church year are being held all over Acadiana.

Many in Acadiana gathered at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist for “The Living Way of The Cross” on Good Friday. One Cathedral Carmel Student, Nicholas Simon, said he played the special role of Jesus.

Simon is a sixth grade student and said he enjoyed being a part of the program with his classmates. His role as Jesus in the program was not only a learning experience for him, but a sacred one. “It’s really a spiritual growth and it helps me to believe in God more.

Pastor Chester Arceneaux said Good Friday is one of the holiest days of the church’s liturgy. He said it’s a blessing to have young students participate in the program. “To identify and understand that God loves us in the midst of the journey of the cross and he has conquered sin to get through the cross gives them the hope as a young child even as young adults that we need to know that God is with us and he loves us.”

Beth Hamilton’s son, Grant Trahan, was a part of leading those in attendance through the stations of the cross. She said she could not have been more proud of her son taking part in something so special. “It’s a really great learning experience for my child and just the growth that they’ve had here at cathedral.” She said “The Living Way of the Cross” is heartfelt for her. “I always cry. I always cry.”

Father Arceneaux said he hoped everyone walked away with a better understanding of how special and sacred this time of the year is.

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