Dining on Good Friday in Acadiana

Good Friday celebrations happened all over Acadiana and seafood restaurants were packed to capacity.

Folks waited patiently inside of Dwight’s Restaurant in Lafayette to get their hands on what they say are the best crawfish in town. Stacy Fisher-Brown says she came in with her entire family looking to beat the crowd. “It’s good Friday and we can’t eat meat today so we’ll be eating crawfish and we just came in a little later thinking the lines were going to be long.”

One family says they strayed away from their typical good friday celebration instead opting for something a little more convenient .

Courtney, a Dwight’s customer, says, “We normally do a big crawfish boil at home but today we decided to do something real quick and eat at Dwight’s.”

Staff at Dwight’s say although they’re working that won’t stop them from enjoying some of the festivities.

Meanwhile just a few minutes away, patrons lined up spilling into the street at the Crawfish Pot.

A customer at Crawfish Pot, Roy, says, “It’s Friday night, my wife and I own a local BBQ restaurant called Two Pauls. We can’t eat BBQ all the time twenty four seven although we’d like to. So when we want something a little bit different we come by here.”

Some folks say another that they look forward to are the BBQ’s on Easter Sunday.

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