Good Friday traditions in Acadiana

Every year Girard Park is a “hot spot” for kicking off Easter weekend in Lafayette.  For one local family, reserving a specific pavilion on Good Friday is an annual tradition.

Christine Smith says the men in her family wake up early to hold their favorite spot to boil crawfish on Good Friday.

She says, “We represent the three F’s: family, food and fun. We boil crawfish, we fry fish, and my daddy deejays.  We also do outdoor activities down that area, play volleyball we’re also going to play the super soakers game.

James Smith, also known as the original black voice of the south, deejays the family event. “My main role is to keep the family happy and bring a little recreation.  I’m kind of like the hype man.  It’s a beautiful day and even though Easter is Sunday but we kick things off on Good Friday.”

Good Friday for them is not just about boiling crawfish. The Smith family comes to the same spot every year to observe the “Living Stations in the Park”.  Crystal Smith says it’s an opportunity for her children to understand the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. “They see so many things on the computer and the internet everything in our day is electronic and they live by seeing…so we’re able to be here and be witness to the Crucifixion, relive it.”

The Smiths will continue to celebrate faith and family every year on Good Friday.

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