Opelousas battles crime rate

An Acadiana city has been ranked as one of the top 20 most dangerous cities in the country by a national home security chain.

A recent list put out by Homesecurity Shield listed Opelousas as 19 out of 20 most dangerous cities in the United States.

Opelousas Police Department Spokesperson, Corey Leger says this number may be misleading. “They apparently got the numbers from a Uniform Crime Report. Those numbers were from 2012 from what we understand so it doesn’t accurately reflect what’s going on right now.”

The rankings are based off of violent crime rates. The website stated that 1 in 11 people in the city have a chance of being a victim which beats out New Orleans, that didn’t even make the list.

One resident, Demeisha Duruisseau, was surprised at her city’s ranking. “We have crime in the city, but we don’t have enough to say we’re number 19.”

Resident, Loquacious Jones, agreed even saying word about the list has quickly spread around the city. Regardless of the list, she wants to see a decrease in crime in her community. “We are too small. We are a community that needs to get together so we don’t even be on the crime lists.”

There are 49 officers currently on the force which Leger says, in an effort to fight crime, especially in one area where violent crime is on the rise, night patrol has been doubled.

Leger says, “We see an increase in domestic violence which is spousal abuse. We’re currently talking with the judges and district attorneys trying to figure out what we can do to reduce those crimes.”

He wants to see a decrease in all violent crimes from beatings to murders, and the department is already off to a good start. Leger says around this time last year there were four homicides, but he’s happy to report so far this year that number is zero.

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