Scott preparing for the 3rd annual Boudin Festival

The park across from Scott City Hall is empty now but this weekend thousands of people will gather for the 3rd annual Boudin Festival.

Purvis Morrison, Mayor of Scott, says “You think people have eaten enough boudin not to worry about coming to the Boudin Festival, but let me tell you they come in groves to eat some more boudin.”

Mayor Morrison says the vision for the festival was never about making money but celebrating the community. “I look at it as a big family reunion you’ll see people hugging and kissing and it’s old school mates that haven’t seen each other for maybe ten fifteen years.”

Kelly Potier has been a board member of the Boudin Festival Association since it began three years ago. She says the festival is a community effort, from volunteers to helping out local organizations. “That’s just one of the many things that Louisiana is known for is helping out others. Of course we couldn’t have our festival without our volunteers so our volunteers play a major part in the festival because they keep it going.”

Boudin may be a major attraction at Scott’s festival, but Potier and Mayor Morrison agree that the community will continue to make the festival a success.

Mayor Morrison says, “This festival is going to close down Sunday but people will continue to talk about it until it happens again next year.”

Potier says “We have so much support not only from our city but from our volunteers our board members everybody wants to be a part of the Scott Boudin Festival.”

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