Habitat for Humanity accepting applications for Affordable Housing Program

Volunteers work up to eight hours a day to help Habitat for HHumanity build homes.

Volunteers are critical to the success of Habitat’s Affordable Housing Program. Katie Tregre, Habitat’s Communications Coordinator says there’s a real need for affordable housing in Lafayette. “While we go thru this application process we really see some struggling hard working families in really bad conditions.”

Max Stearns is the team leader for the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community group currently assigned to Lafayette. After six years in school, Stearns wanted to volunteer his time for a good cause. “This was a way to get into a community and immediately do something I mean what better than habitat for humanity where each day you leave you see a bit more of what you’ve done. It’s just extremely fulfilling to know that we’re part of helping them develop a community that they want.”

Habitat homes are affordable because volunteers and homeowners build the house together.

Tregre says, “They work together to make this dream a reality and they really enjoy getting to know the homeowner and getting to know their situation and their family so it really connects them to the project their own.”

Back at the office, former AmeriCorps Volunteer Sarah Scheitler is Habitats Director of Homeowner Services.  She says the affordable housing program is a way for people to help themselves, not a hand out. “This program changes people’s lives they go from unstable housing to home ownership they’re kids don’t have to move or switch schools anymore and so that’s been really beneficial for me building those relationships with them seeing them transform their own lives.”

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