Acadiana seeks higher graduation rates

Louisiana graduation rates have been posted and although the state average is better than it has ever been, a few districts in Acadiana are seeking improvements.

The average for graduating students in Louisiana is just over 74%, which is a new high for the state. However, here in the Hub City, those numbers took a slight turn for the worst

Lafayette Parish School System Interim Superintendent, Burrell Lejeune says we are disappointed anytime we go down in anything that impacts of student achievement.

The Lafayette Parish School district saw a drop in number of graduates. In 2013 the district pumped out 72.1 of its students. In 2014, 68.8, resulting in a 3.3% decrease.

Lejeune says there are five areas that directly impacted the graduation rate, including the number of students entering the GED program, and about 3% more than the average dropouts. The interim superintendent says a plan is already in place to raise those scores.

“The new jumpstart program provides the opportunity for students be engaged in a curriculum that will help them to move on to post secondary. It may be a two year college or it may be a program that provides an industry based certification

Although some parishes across the state have seen a decrease in graduation rates, in Vermilion parish their numbers are better than ever.

Vermilion Parish School System Superintendent, Jerome Puyau says, “With an 89.4% graduation rate, it just shows the success of all the years of all the teachers and the hard work and the commitment of what can be achieved.”

Last year’s graduation rate in St. Landry Parish was 65.4%. A statement release by the school board says, “The parish has been working diligently in its cohort graduation tracking for several years. As a result, in 2014, the Graduation Rate has increased 9.2 points to a high of 74.6.”

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