Broussard Police Adds K-9 to Agency

Chief Decou has added a trained Belgian Malinois K-9 and a certified canine handler to the Broussard Police Department as a part of his continued improvement to the police department and citizens of Broussard.  The K-9 officer/handler comes to the Broussard Police Department with nearly twenty years of law enforcement experience including fifteen years as a Canine handler and has been in a supervisory capacity for the past four years with a previous agency.

The new K-9 team adds crucial aspects of law enforcement to the police department such as criminal apprehension, tracking, and narcotics detection.  This team will also assist in building searches, article searches, crowd control and dealing with combative suspects.  The mere presence of a canine on a scene consistently reduces the risk of injury to law enforcement, the public and suspects.  The K-9 team is assigned to the existing pro-active Power Division and will supplement all divisions of the police department.

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