Vehicle meth lab bust in St. Mary Parish

In St. Mary Parish, two people were arrested on drug charges over the weekend after being pulled out of the Intracoastal Waterway.

A deputy investigated a suspicious vehicle near the Intracoastal Bridge Sunday morning. Once the deputy arrived, the vehicle sped away. But the deputy found the vehicle on a nearby levee a short time later.

The deputy found an active meth lab on the passenger seat and other items used to make meth while searching the car.  Detectives discovered evidence to identify the driver and passenger as 32-year-old Kevin Landry and 45-year-old Melissa Tanner.

Then around eight last night, a tug boat captain called and told the sheriff’s office two people had been pulled from the water.

The captain brought Landry and Tanner to the Calumet Boat landing where they were taken into custody.

Kevin LandryMelissa Tanner

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