Flood plans on stand by

With heavy rain showers expected to fall all week long. Parts of Acadiana are experiencing flooding that could lead to serious problems.

Stalled cars who attempt to brave a street of water, home damage, and power outages are just a few problems that can happen when flooding occurs. Officials across Acadiana prepare all year to be ready to protect the community in the event of a flood.

“A major flood situation everyone will meet. There will be a representative from all the departments. The sheriff’s department, police department, fire department and the office of emergency preparedness, Acadian Ambulance. Everyone will meet and be housed in central locations” says Lafayette Sheriff Police Captain John Babin.

Captain says officials from all of the emergency agencies have specific people trained to handle all cases of extreme weather in the area. He says the members meet on a regular basis to go over ideas and plans in the event of an emergency. Being able to react quickly is their number one goal.

“Flooding in this area is a problem it’s something that occurs occasionally, so we’ve dealt with it in the past. So there is a plan we can put into place fairly quickly” says Babbin.

In the event of a weather emergency all of the agencies will provide volunteers to handle vehicles and machinery used to rescue flood victims. Babin says if one department doesn’t have the necessary tools the group works together as a team to make sure they respond to the emergency call immediately.

“We will deploy, if necessary vehicles, trucks or boats or any other equipment we might need to deal with the pending flooding.”

Captain Babin recommends taking extra precautions when dealing with flood situations. He says if you find yourself stuck in your car or home to immediately call 911 so that emergency services can get to you as soon as possible.



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