Mrs. Louisiana, Carencro Resident and Business Owner

Acadiana has another notable title. Mrs. Louisiana 2015 reigns from Carencro. “It’s really been more than what I thought it would be,” says Juanita Prejean, Mrs. Louisiana America 2015.

Prejean has many titles. She’s the wife of Joseph Prejean and the mother of a 4 year-old son. Juanita and her husband owns Big Poppa’s Fitness Gym off Wes Gloria Switch Road. She says people have been supportive of her win and encouraging. “It’s really been more than what I thought it would be. They’ve been more than generous with the outgoing support they had for this competition. I’m just excited that people are excited. I get to be here in Lafayette to promote this and have them to go along on the journey.”

The job of this 32 year-old queen goes beyond the fitness desk.  She’s a personal trainer. Juanita says Mrs. Louisiana America competition format turned out to be a perfect fit for her.  “I didn’t know like many other women there’s a division for married ladies. I though Ms. America was the only organization where you were able to participate in. Past 25, there was no other stage for you. This was very interesting and appealing. It fit what I wanted to do. It’s been a hobby and a very fun and fulfilling hobby at this point.”

Next Prejean takes the crown to Moscow, Russia to compete in the Mrs. America competition. “Representing Louisiana all day every day. I will be that girl especially with the hometown behind me. I will have Louisiana behind me. I will go to Moscow, Russia and try to come back with the crown. That’s what we’re going to do,” explains Prejean.

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