Town of Scott gets grant to upgrade water system

Slow water pressure has been a major issue for many City of Scott residents. Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison explains that Governor Bobby Jindal recently sent a letter approving the the town’s Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) Public Facilities application for up to $467,000.  The funds will be used to upgrade the water distribution system with the city.

Casey Roger, a firefighter and an eight year resident, is excited about the water upgrade. He lives in the targeted area. Roger explains the water pressure at his home has been slow for years. “If I have to run more than one thing, let’s say a washing machine and a tub; it’s not happening. The pressure is not good. It’s really weak.  You just learn how to deal with one thing at a time,” adds Roger.

The mayor says the upgrade will improve water pressure at the fire hydrants. Morrison adds the targeted areas are within the east part of Scott. The work will include changing out water lines from two inches to six inches “We get breakage every weak.  We’re going to repair those lines, change them, take them out and put in new six inch lines,” adds Mayor Morrison

Roger says he’s can’t wait until the work is done. “I can wash clothes and take a shower at the same time. Wash clothes and wash dishes at the same time. I don’t have to use one or the other,” says Roger.

The mayor says the impacted streets are to include: “Alfred St., Scott St., Lafayette St., Saint Louis St., Victoria St. and it’s going to go into a few areas on Lion’s Club.” The mayor anticipates work to change the water lines to begin the first of next year.


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