Children, missing for 11 days, placed in foster care

UPDATE: The Oklahoma Attorney General Office released a statement stating they have never agreed to investigate any claims from Ocean Manning against Byrson Burley.

Two Youngsville children reported missing by their father and later found in Oklahoma have been placed in foster care.

A show cause hearing took place in Claremore, Oklahoma on Thursday afternoon, to determine custody arrangements for 4-year old Hayden Burley and his sister, five-year old Honor.

The children’s mother, Ocean Manning, illegally left the state of Louisiana with the children on April 4th. A week later, Louisiana State Police issued an arrest warrant for Manning for charges including cruelty to juveniles, abuse of children, false reporting and criminal mischief. Manning was found and arrested in Claremore, Oklahoma Wednesday morning and released on bond.

Manning made several accusations against the biological father, Bryson Burley for sexual abuse of Honor and Hayden. Investigations were conducted by the Louisiana State Police, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Child Protective Services.  Burley was cleared by the agencies of any wrong-doing and was never charged with any crime.

However, Manning made a new claim of sexual assault against Burley in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Attorney General decided to investigate the new claim, which violated a court order put in place by Judge Jana Wallace. The order ruled Manning could not make any more claims against Burley. After the OAG announced the new investigation, Wallace recused herself from the case, accusing the OAG of manipulation and illegally interfering.

In a statement, Wallace wrote, “There have been investigations from the DHS and now federal agencies that brought no charges except for the ones brought against the mother. I encourage the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office to investigate this case thoroughly and I believe they too will discover the truth and be embarrassed by allowing themselves to be used in this sordid mess.”

During Thursday’s hearing, it was determined the Roger’s County District Attorney has 15 days to file a petition in regards to the children’s safety. During that time, the children will be placed in foster care.

Burley told News Ten, “I am extremely upset and feel like my children are being destroyed in this process.”

Meanwhile, Manning’s Oklahoma Attorney, Richard O’Carroll, said described the entire scenario as “a heated custody battle where one parent, Mr. Burley is losing and is desperate to get his children. We will do what we have to and if we must face due process in Louisiana, we will let the evidence speak for itself.”

According to the Youngsville Police Department, Manning’s attorney contacted the department and says an extradition warrant will be needed. No one word yet if Manning will turn herself over to authorities.

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