Dial Dalfred- New Iberia residents concerned about security near canal project

Residents and city officials in New Iberia are concerned about the safety of the children in their community living near a construction site.

The Armenco Canal Project is a task city officials have been fighting to get done for over forty years. Finally, construction is underway; what concerns residents is the lack of security separating the children of the nearby neighborhood from the pit being dug for the future retention pond

Michael Bell is a concerned resident, he says, “They said that our pool was not safe but my God, this is 15 times as dangerous!” Bell contacted News Ten when he discovered the contractors were not honoring the contract which states the contractors must “maintain adequate site security at all times.”

“We have a large population of young kids in this community and we have a canal or ditch that’s going to be 20 feet deep, the thing about that once those kids go down, they can lose their life” says Bell.

City of New Iberia Councilwoman, Peggy Gerac follows with “We have a head start there and we have the park right there and the children and people visit it regularly. So, it would be a safety hazard and it would be good if they would secure it with safety tape or even a fence.”

After getting several calls and complaints, News Ten contacted city officials and the project manager. The contractor acted quickly, and held up their end of the deal and installed temporary fencing in under 24 hours.

Bell says “until you guys got involved, now we see some changes; I appreciate that very much.

We spoke to the inspector of the job site and he says the entire site will be permanently fenced in when the project is complete.

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