Lafayette Camp Bow Wow holds their 2nd annual 5K-9 in Girard Park

Lafayette’s Camp Bow Wow held their second annual 5K-9 on Sunday in Girard Park to raise money for local rescue organizations.

Besides the 5k, the event also features a one mile fun run and several activities for dogs all with the goal of raising money for rescue centers in Acadiana. It all started one day when camp Director Heather Lynn Theriot jogged in the park with her dog. This event is something many, like other people want to support because you can have a good time for a good cause.  Other people also saying the event is also an opportunity for people to learn more about their furry companions and how to take care of them.

Dogs brought by local rescues were the main attraction as they patiently waited for someone to take them home.  Those puppy dog eyes are the reason why a resident, Gayle Lormand, become a foster mom.

A portion of proceeds from the 5k-9 also benefit the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation.

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