LPD Festival International security and parking rules

In Lafayette, Festival International draws a huge crowd making the need for security top priority. Corporal Paul Mouton of the Lafayette Police Department says the barricades will go up along Jefferson Street. “Once we block off the surrounding streets it will be difficult for them to move their vehicles out.  So they should have a plan in place,” says Mouton.


Mouton explains an increase number of officers will be at the festival. “When you park your vehicle don’t leave your valuables out in the open. Make sure you lock your car.  Remember where you parked your car at,” adds Mouton.


Next door to Parc International sits the Children’s Museum of Acadiana. “Leading up to the festival we have field trips.  We do advise schools to park somewhere else,” adds Interim Executive Director Carol McManus.


“We have friends of the festival who come with their RVs and park in the museums parking lot.  Parking from the festival is really not be a problem, because our gates are normally closed,” says McManus.


One more piece of advice from law enforcement pertains to personal safety. Let someone know you’re going to be. “So in the event you don’t return they can notify police or officials that you haven’t returned from the festival,” says Mouton.  Lafayette Police remind festival goers that all animals must be on a leash.


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