Knight Oil scandal- Source claims threats from Manuel in arrest warrant

News of the Knight Oil scandal broke earlier this month which revolves around two brothers battling for control of the company.

Former CEO Mark Knight is accused of having drugs planted on his brother Bryan’s vehicle. Charges against Bryan were dropped. Mark Knight, two law enforcement officers, and Russell Manuel were charged in the case.

The three page arrest warrant for Russell Manuel accuses him of being involved in the conspiracy and threatening the lives of an unnamed source and his family. The sworn affidavit was signed on March 13th.

Former Knight Oil Tools Employee Russell Manuel is charged with criminal conspiracy, possession of cocaine, methadone, and lortab, witness intimidation and extortion.

The arrest warrant obtained by News 10 refers to Manuel as Mark Knight’s “henchman”.In the warrant an unnamed source says Manuel told him Mark had authorized the purchase of a tracking device for a company vehicle. The source says he ordered the devices online and said they arrived in unique cases. He later learned the devices were used on marks brother, Bryan Knight’s car. Manuel told the source the tracking devices would be used in an operation and that a state trooper and a metro narcotics officer are involved. Last June, Manuel told the source the operation was successful and demanded he delete all records and contact the company and delete their purchase records. On that same day, Bryan Knight was arrested for having drugs. The drugs were found in the tracking device cases.

Fast forwarding to this past March, Manuel the “henchman” told the source he was being laid off from Knight Oil and threatened him not to talk about the operation to anyone. The source tells investigators Manuel said the two law enforcement officers involved considered the source a liability which could lead to harm on him or his family. The source also said Manuel followed him to a stop light on March 6th after he left work. The arrest warrant says Manuel threatened the source again referring to his home, wife, child and implied he’d been watching him. The source also recalls texts and notes that threatened his life from Manuel.

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