Three Adults Arrested after giving synthetic marijuana to teen

On Monday, Port Barre Police received a medical emergency complaint in the 300 block of VFW street. The caller advised of a teen aged girl possibly having a seizure. When officers arrived, they noticed the 14 year old girl outside on the ground. She was incoherent, trembling,  screaming and vomiting. Officers contacted an ambulance service and had her transported to the Opelousas General Hospital. Several hours later, the girl was released and officers were able to speak to her. Officers learned the teen had been at her aunt’s home and she admitted  to smoking Synthetic marijuana when she had a bad reaction to the drug. The teen told police she went to her aunt, Jody Bergeron’s, home for a cigarette but instead was given a glass smoking device containing the synthetic marijuana.

During the investigation, officers learned Bobby Jo Bergeron (27 of Krotz Springs) had brought the synthetic marijuana to Jody’s home. There, Jody Bergeron (40 of Port Barre), Bobby Jo Bergeron and Gilbert Lee (18 of Port Barre) engaged in smoking the drug. Police conducted a search of the home and collected the smoking device along with the empty bag the synthetic marijuana was brought in. All of them were arrested and booked in the Port Barre jail.

Jody Bergeron was booked on the charges of Felony Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (bond was set at $11,500) , Bobby Bergeron was booked and charge with Distribution of Synthetic Marijuana (bond was set at $20,000) and Gilbert Lee was booked on Felony Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (bond was set at $10,000) .

” It is very obvious these adults were not concerned with the well being of the 14 year old child. We do not take this type of activity lightly and  will hold these folks accountable for their negligent actions. This young girl could have died and unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many medical emergencies because of the synthetic marijuana. It’s not just here, it’s all over and people are dying because of it. If we catch anyone here, in Port Barre, buying, selling or possessing  this stuff, we will not show any leniency. You will be arrested and you will be jailed”.

To report suspicious or illegal activity in our community please contact the Port Barre Police Department at (337) 585-6212 or  leave a tip and remain anonymous by contacting our our Anonymous Tip Line at (337) 585-2345.

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