Suspects wanted in theft of vehicles

A total of eight pickup trucks were stolen between April 18th and April 20th but these thieves were a bit more specific, all but one of the trucks taken was the Ford F250 models.

Cpl Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department says, “The suspects are going and stealing the trucks and once they’ve stolen the trucks they put them on Craigslist to sell the truck.”

Once the suspects get a bite, they have the potential client meet them at various apartment complexes throughout Lafayette.

Cpl. Mouton says, “They show up with what appears to be actual paperwork for the vehicle and then they do a sale and the victim who purchased the truck drives away thinking they’ve just purchased a (legitimate) vehicle.”

As police continue their investigation they hope to find out what exactly makes these trucks such an easy target which Mouton says “We’re not sure. We’re looking at a lot of things and speaking with the manufacturers as to how easy it is to break into the vehicle and get the vehicle running. So, we’re still trying to narrow that down.”

Police were able to recover seven of the eight trucks; the one still missing is a 2005 beige F-250. In the meantime, the suspects remain at large. Corporal Paul Mouton says they are closing in on the suspects who police describe as two black males. One of them is around six feet tall with a very thin build…and police now know what they were driving.

Cpl. Mouton says, “We were able to get two vehicles that we believe were operated by the two suspects that were captured in the general vicinity of one of the thefts.”

Authorities are requesting the public’s help. If you have any information that may lead to the arrest of these suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 232-tips.

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