Youth softball coach punches woman in post-game fight

The Youngsville Police Department and Lafayette City-Parish Parks and Recreation are investigating an incident involving two youth softball teams that happened at the Youngsville Sports Complex Tuesday Night.

Athletic Program Manager Greg Gautreaux with Lafayette City-Parish Parks and Recreation says unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. “There’s no place for violence or any physical violence in youth recreation sports we tend to lose sight of the purpose of why we’re playing youth sports.”

According to the Youngsville Police Department, a U16 rec softball game ended in a fight between players Tuesday evening.  When a female coach from the Youngsville-Broussard team tried to break up the fight, a coach from the visiting Browns Park team allegedly punched her, breaking her nose in three places. Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux says the suspect, known only as “Joe”, fled the scene when officers arrived. “We are at this time attempting to identify this low life he will be brought to justice he will be found he might want to try to redeem himself a little bit by coming in and cooperating with law enforcement in terms of turning himself in if not we will find him and we will arrest him.”

Gautreaux says it’s important for adults in coaching positions to demonstrate good sportsmanship and set an example for their team. “That starts from the top sportsman ship for the athletes should be set by the parents coaches and players everyone involved that’s something we need to get a handle on i know in the city here in Lafayette we’re going to have a zero tolerance for it.”

The suspect faces a second degree battery charge and could also face suspension from the Lafayette City-Parish youth recreation program.



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