Dial Dalfred- Who has your social security number?

Scam artists and rip-off schemers are busier than they’ve even been, and upstanding citizens need to be on guard.

Your social security number may as well be DNA. Attached to it is your most personal information; data that scam artists rely on to steal your identity.

Better Business Bureau President, Sharane Gott says, “Social Security numbers is one of those numbers that we should guard. It’s one of those numbers that we should protect!”

So if the experts say we should we keep our social under lock and key…Is that what people of Acadiana are doing?

“Well, I know that my bank has it, I have it, and my parents have it just in case my children need it. My children don’t even have it… But, that’s all that I know of” said Karen Bienvenu of Lafayette.

We asked University of Louisiana at Lafayete student, Angelle Manshack, who has your Social Security number and do you feel that it is safe in their possession? Her response:

“Honestly I’ve been very lucky with that. I haven’t had many people ask me for my Social Security number. But I would be very hesitant to give it to anyone. I guess the only people would be like medical information and I do feel like it’s kept safe but sometimes I question that for sure.”

When we share our social security number with these different establishments, do we know why and what they’re being used for?

UL student, Anfernee Harris says, “Background check. Check and see if I have any criminal records, which I don’t, at all!”

The question remains, with who and when should we disclose our social security number?

If you’re borrowing money then you would need to give them your social security number because that number is the key to your credit information. If you’re buying a car, if you’re doing anything where there is a money exchange then that personal information needs to be given, said Gott.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the key to protecting yourself when conducting business is to start with trust. Never share your personal information with someone you don’t trust.

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