New principal at Northside High

The Lafayette Parish School System wasted no time hiring a new principal for Northside High School.  Last month, Principal Melinda Voorhies resigned.

New Northside High Principal Julia Williams is the former assistant principal.  A position she held for two years.  Williams says she has new plans.  She admits losing Voorhies had an impact.  “But we kept moving forward.  We didn’t miss a beat,” adds Williams.

Williams describes three areas of focus:  1) Culture – in terms of building relationships. 2) Academics – that meets the needs of all students.  3) Response Intervention Program – focusing on the needs of low performing students. “We can bridge those gaps and see more students headed towards graduation and more success academically,” says Williams.

Williams adds the support from both staff and students has been overwhelming. “The good jobs in the hallways and we’re excited to have you makes you feel like a celebrity.  It’s absolutely wonderful,” explains Williams.

Williams acknowledges the school has a low state Performance Score.  Williams explains that  score will it not be her guiding light.  Northside High she notes has a lot to offer. “We got a wonderful Law Academy, a wonderful Broadcasting Academy and so many other programs.  We’re going to start using our data and getting more kids coming to school and with those relationships we are going to build.  We’re going to see the academic success we need to see.”

Williams says in about two weeks she intends to have an open house to allow the community to learn more about her plans.

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