Vermilion Parish active shooter training

Vermilion Parish Sheriff Deputies are brushing up on their active shooting training. Deputies are participating in re-certifications in certain areas of training. Some mandatory re-certifications include firearms, defensive tactics, use of force and occupational safety. Friday, deputies partnered with school administrators and took the classroom portion of a two-day training that focused on school crisis response and what to do if a shooter or any possible threat is present on campus.

“Reason why we do this, there have been threats across the United States, as you have been watching the news and we want to be prepared to face these threats and defuse and take care of the situation before it hits any of our kids” says Child Welfare Supervisor James Prudhome.

“To be able to come into the schools, train inside the schools, with the school employees, with the school administrations, with the faculty, with the teachers. Having both sides train together helps them better be able to manage a possible crisis” says Chief Deputy Kirk Frith.

The actual on-site drill training takes place on Saturday, at Renee Ross Middle School in Kaplan.

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