Lafayette residents voice their opinion about the possible ban on smoking in bars

It’s a hot topic in Lafayette, whether patrons should be banned from smoking in the bars, but before a decision is made the Lafayette City Parish Council is asking residents to voice their opinions.

Twenty eight states in the US currently have a state wide ordinance banning smoking in all public places. The Lafayette Consolidated Government meeting set for Tuesday plans to discuss the possible smoking ban in Lafayette bars and clubs.

Local musician Chubby Carrier, whose father died from smoking, has been advocating a smoking ban for over five years. “So, I’m encouraging a lot of people to come out and just tell their story, how they feel about it. A lot of musicians as well, a lot of bartenders, DJ’s , anyone who is working in that environment which is so unhealthy.” Carrier says the point of the ban isn’t to hurt business down town, but to give everyone a choice.

He says patrons can choose, but without the ordinance, those who work in the bar atmosphere are forced to inhale second hand smoke. “There are a lot of musicians who don’t have insurance a lot of them can’t afford to go get checked, but they are working in these environments, so what we are trying to do is pull people together so we can help save a life.”

If approved the ban would be on all tobacco products plus electronic cigarettes in bars and clubs. The meeting is set for 5:30 Tuesday night and is open to the public.

“We’re not trying to tell people what to do, what not to do that’s not our place. But this is for us to be able to use our voice and say listen a lot of times people working in these environments just be courteous that all we ask,” says Carrier.

The Lafayette City Parish Council is set to make a final decision on the smoking ban on May 19th.