Durel: Resigns as President of farmer’s market group

Lafayette Consolidated President Joey Durel announced his resignation from the group that manages the Farmers Market at the Horse Farm.  “The conspiracy theorists of the world will always read something ugly into nothing,” states Durel.

Durel told the council he’s part of the group as an individual and not as City-Parish President.  Durel notes he resigned to avoid seeing the park receive negative attention because of him. Last month, a person attended the council meeting. The person complained about Durel being president of the non-profit group.  “I figured if I stepped aside and let others take care of it, then it might make them to sleep better at night,” says Durel.

LCG Councilman Jared Bellard supports Durel’s decision to resign. “Joey Durel as an individual, as a person and as president collects the money a non-profit; to me that could be a conflict of interest,” adds Bellard.

Bellard recommends the farmer’s group come before the council on a regular basis. “At least once a quarter or maybe once a month.  Let us know who is collecting what and where is it going.  Just so the public knows; more transparency,” notes Bellard.

Durel reiterates his resignation is to avoid shedding a negative light on a positive effort. “There has never been a question of conflict of interest,” states Durel.

Lafayette Central Park will eventually manage the development of the Horse Farm.  A representative of the group says they have no connection to the farmer’s market.  In fact, Lafayette Central Park takes over once construction begins next year.

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